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(Biography) another name for Boudicca


(buˈdɪk ə)

died a.d. 62, ancient British Celtic queen. Also called Boadicea.


[ˌbəʊədɪˈsɪə] NBoadicea
References in classic literature ?
But of all the picture's admirers who stood before it, I believe I was the only one who longed for Boadicea to stalk from her frame, bringing me corned-beef hash with poached egg.
Indeed, that Cowper is remembered at all is due more to his shorter poems such as Boadicea and The Wreck of the Royal George, and chiefly, perhaps, to John Gilpin, which in its own way is a treasure that we would not be without.
Rochester exactly; and whether she won't look like Queen Boadicea, leaning back against those purple cushions.
As there was no one to deny this assertion, the marines of the Boadicea were held in a corresponding degree of estimation.
1988: The grave of Boadicea, the warrior queen who fought the Romans almost 2,000 years ago, was located by archaeologists under Platform 8 at King's Cross station.
BA's issues started at Boadicea House, one of its two data centres located at Heathrow Airport.
At the northern side of which London bridge is there a famous statue of Boadicea and her daughters?
Artist Marc Rees came up with the idea of 'Bassey's Cry', which depicts the likeness of the iconic Welsh singer in a warlike pose as Boadicea the Celtic Warrior Queen, as part of Get Creative Weekend.
It was sculpted in the pose of iconic warrior queen Boadicea.
Genetic counsellors at the NHLS/Wits calculate counsellees' risks of carrying a deleterious BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation using the online BOADICEA risk calculation program [7] and/or the Manchester scoring method.
Jason Atherton, Michelin-starred London restaurateur and Caterer Middle East's October 2014 cover star, has collaborated with Four magazine and Boadicea the Victorious to create Vetiver Imperiale, a citrus-based unisex fragrance, The Drinks Business reported.
This paper redresses the limited attention to Boadicea in research on suffrage feminists of the twentieth century.