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They specialise in educational books for children (from birth to eight years of age) with an offering that includes board books, pop-ups, activity, sticker and soft books.
Flowerpot Press has a simply outstanding new series of nursery rhyme themed board books by Hazel Quintanilla for children ages 4-7.
BALTIMORE -- Despite the greater portability and seeming convenience of electronic tablets or smartphones, providing low-income families with e-books did not increase parents' frequency of reading to their children or the children's language development, compared with giving them physical board books, according to preliminary findings.
What better way for young children to learn their alphabet and numbers than through board books? Eric Walters has written one of each.
The 2004 narrative is a folio-sized text printed on heavy card stock that is used frequently for board books produced for babies, infants, and toddlers.
Contract notice: Supply of textbooks, workbooks, board books, general books, manuals, audio-visual materials and school calendars.
Pitzer continues her series of board books featuring color photos of Down syndrome children with the animal-themed Animal Fun for Everyone!
Students in teacher Karla Alvarado's Teen Parent classes at Gateways High School recently were awarded a $200 lending library of English and Spanish language baby board books by Families & Books, a committee of the Emerald Empire Reading Council.
By their very nature, board books are for babies with the appropriate age range up to approximately 18 months.
Board books are especially useful as active infants begin to practice "reading" on their own, delighting over their ability to turn pages and identify toes, umbrellas and balls.
From joyful bilingual board books for the very young to ingenious fantasies to informative books about pumpkins, child labor, and religions, these recently published books in Spanish are sure to appeal to, entice, and/or inform Spanishspeaking readers (or Spanish learners).
Titles such as Cat is Thirst, Dog is Hungry, and Duck is Dirty, were among the first board books that my children, as toddlers, carried around with them, gnawed on and forced my husband and me to read to them over and over and over again.