board of education

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board of education

n. pl. boards of education
A school board.

board′ of educa′tion

an appointive or elective body that directs and administers chiefly primary and secondary public schools.
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Noun1.board of education - a board in charge of local public schoolsboard of education - a board in charge of local public schools
board - a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"
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Tenders are invited for Board of Ed Libbie Edwards School RTUs Replacement / 17021200
I don't see city hall or the Board of Ed hiring, and now the landlords are laying-off," asks Lobsang Chodak, a Newark maintenance superintendent whose position was recently eliminated in a Rock Properties North Newark building.
Board of Ed chair, on efforts to link arguments against public funding of private and religious schools with being against publicly funded charter schools.
Board of Ed hears testimony on lesson plan service (The Associated Press): "A State Board of Education committee has appointed 175 teachers, parents and experts to review a controversial social studies curriculum system designed to help teachers meet state standards, board member Marty Rowley said Friday.
state board of ed member William Lockridge recently told The Washington Post.
The second two volumes collect a range of documentary materials, including 17 Supreme Court case judgments from 1899's Cumming v Board of Ed.
It all comes clown to the Board of Ed, the state funding, and the taxpayer dollars.
Though not yet approved by the Board of Ed, it looks like M-DCC will soon change its name to Miami-Dude College, to accommodate the school's new status as a baccalaureate degree-granting institution.

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