Board wages

Food and lodging supplied as compensation for services; as, to work hard, and get only board wages.
Money wages which are barely sufficient to buy food and lodging.
A separate or special allowance of wages for the procurement of food, or food and lodging.
See under 1st Board.

See also: Board, Board, Board, Wage

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
"You see, Miss Sharp, when I'm not here Tinker's on board wages: when I'm in town she dines with the family.
What he was, whether by trade or birth, was more than I could fathom; but he seemed most like an old, unprofitable serving-man, who should have been left in charge of that big house upon board wages.
The servants left with me were to be put on board wages.
'It 'ud be worth a life's board wages at least, to you, and 'ud be cheap at that.
What's to make me sure as the house won't be put o' board wage afore we're many months older, and then I may have to lie awake o' nights wi' twenty gallons o' milk on my mind--and Dingall 'ull take no more butter, let alone paying for it; and we must fat pigs till we're obliged to beg the butcher on our knees to buy 'em, and lose half of 'em wi' the measles.
John Edmunds, of Arnold Street, Mountain Ash, was playing with friends in the former National Coal Board wages offices when the strongroom door slammed on him.