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In the Bible, the husband of Ruth.


(Bible) Old Testament a kinsman of Naomi, who married her daughter-in-law Ruth (Ruth 2–4); one of David's ancestors


(ˈboʊ æz)

husband of Ruth. Ruth 2–4.
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So Planchet related how Truchen had charmed the years of his advancing age, and brought good luck to his business, as Ruth did to Boaz.
If one could have a fine house, full of nice girls, or go traveling, the summer would be delightful, but to stay at home with three selfish sisters and a grown-up boy was enough to try the patience of a Boaz," complained Miss Malaprop, after several days devoted to pleasure, fretting, and ennui.
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Judge Hillary Chemitei ordered the election be conducted within 14 days, setting aside the election of North Kadem MCA Boaz Okoth as speaker and his North Kanyamkago counterpart George Omamba as deputy.
There she met Boaz, a well-connected landowner who valued her character.
BOAZ Myhill is desperate to impress but has no long-term ambition to wrestle Albion's No.
The bulk of his work, however, is devoted to exegetical commentary on such matters as placing Ruth within Israel's Heilsgeschichte--the theology framing of Targum Ruth, Naomi's sons marry and die, Boaz reveals Ruth's reward, in the middle of the night, and the blessing of witnesses.
WEST Brom goalkeeper Boaz Myhill has agreed a one-year contract extension at The Hawthorns, the club have announced.
Pulis said: "We're delighted Boaz has agreed a contract extension and we've secured his services for an additional year.
Here, though, Boaz virtuously redeems his kinsman's field when he draws off [vayishlof] his shoe (Ruth 4:7-8).
com)-- CompuKol Communications has decided to partner with Boaz Design LLC for even greater online marketing capabilities.
Albion winger Callum McManaman was shoved by a supporter and had to be restrained while keeper Boaz Myhill was jostled and goaded as he tried to leave the pitch.