Bob Dylan

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Noun1.Bob Dylan - United States songwriter noted for his protest songs (born in 1941)
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FOLK legend Bob Dylan once shamed Bono with his knowledge of Irish music, it emerged yesterday.
ON A warm July evening Bob Dylan went on stage at the Hop Farm music festival in Kent, where thousands of people including myself watched a true genius at work.
JUST days after his sellout appearance at the Echo arena, superstar Bob Dylan leapt straight to the top of the album chart - almost 40 years since his last number one record.
BOB Dylan leapt straight to the top of the album chart last night almost 40 years after his last number one record.
Washington, November 19 (ANI): Sir Paul McCartney is contemplating collaborating with Bob Dylan for a new album.
The ever-mercurial Bob Dylan yesterday announced he will perform May 16 at The Palladium in Worcester, making the intimate theater show the new launch date for a summer tour that moves on the next day to larger venues in Maine then Canada and Europe.
It is foolish to think that Bob Dylan would ever be what you wanted him to be.
A new book about musician Bob Dylan will be released by Omnibus Press, a division of The Music Sales Group, in June 2007.
Says Hickenlooper: ``In the end, does Bob Dylan want to sue us and have a deposition where he talks about his personal life?
So many books have been written about Bob Dylan that one would wonder at the need for another-but this isn't a reference book alone; it provides a fun ,readable text which packs in over eight hundred entries, over twenty pages of illustration, and everything there is to known about Dylan, including a searchable cd-rom to boot.
Studio A: The Bob Dylan Reader: Benjamin Hedin, editor.