Bob Dylan

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Noun1.Bob Dylan - United States songwriter noted for his protest songs (born in 1941)
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This time, the attraction was not Kevin Keegan or Peter Beardsley, but American folk rock giant Bob Dylan.
It happened so long ago I wasn't even born." So says Bob Dylan, 78 years old, in full pancake makeup and carny barker regalia at the beginning of Martin Scorsese's Rolling Thunder Revue.
BOB Dylan's eccentric musical moments will be brought to the screen in a star-studded new film by Martin Scorsese.
TULSA The Bob Dylan Center will present a new exhibition, Bob Dylan: Face Value and Beyond, beginning May 10 at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.
Martin Scorsese and Bob Dylan are making movie magic together for a second time.
It appears that Kanye West is bent on meeting up with a legend in the music industry - no less than the enigmatic Bob Dylan.
Summary: Seoul [South Korea], June 20 (ANI): Legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is all set to throw a concert in Seoul next month.
After his 1962 debut album 'Bob Dylan,' he gained popularity as a folk singer thanks to his hit song 'Blowin' In The Wind.' Dylan shifted from folk songs to rock and roll in 1965, coming up with 'Like a Rolling Stone,' dubbed one of the world's greatest songs.
A young Anyone with even a passing interest in popular music will know the answer: It is Bob Dylan.
The Monk's Record Player: Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan, and the Perilous Summer of 1966
After seven years from his last concert in Taipei, American music icon Bob Dylan is coming to Taipei for a concert in August.
The Monk's Record Player: Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan, and the Perilous Summer of 1966 offers a biographical examination of the parallel lives of Thomas Merton and Bob Dylan, and comes from a Dylan scholar and member of the International Thomas Merton Society who considers the lives of both icons.