Bob Mathias

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Noun1.Bob Mathias - United States athlete who won Olympic gold medals in the decathlon (born in 1930)
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An American of Greek heritage, Bob Mathias, who looked like a Greek god, won the most grueling event of them all, the decathlon, and repeated it four years later in Helsinki.
He joins Bob Mathias (1948, 1952) and Daley Thompson (1980, 1984) as the only other two-time gold medalists.
ONE OF THE GREATEST Olympians of all time, Bob Mathias, is all but forgotten today.
With four world records, two Olympic gold medals, three Commonwealth titles and wins in the World and European Championships, Thompson is considered by many to be one of the greatest decathletes of all time along with Bob Mathias and Dan O'Brien.
American decathlete Bob Mathias became the youngest man to win an Olympic gold with his victory at the age of just 17 in London in 1948.
Thompson, who won gold in 1980 and 1984, the only man other than American Bob Mathias to win decathlon gold on two occasions, is reported to have the support of Olympic organising committee Locog, which has direct responsibility for delivering the Games and could prove decisive.
champions in the event as Rafer Johnson, Bob Mathias and Jim Thorpe.