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Noun1.Bobby Jones - United States golfer (1902-1971)Bobby Jones - United States golfer (1902-1971)  
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Open at the Inwood Country Club, Bobby Jones and Bobby Cruickshank were all even.
1930: Bobby Jones of the US won the US National Amateur Championships to complete the first golfing grand slam.
ON A WEEKDAY AFTERNOON IN MID-JUNE, the air of neglect hangs over the Bobby Jones Golf Complex like the sagging branches of a willow tree.
In conjunction with the appointment, Goltz succeeds the the company's former CFO, Tarlton Thomas, who was promoted to chief operating officer, a position held by Bobby Jones, who was promoted to president of Georgia Market in July 2017.
Whitey, as he is better known, added: "Keeper, James Hamilton had a good game, Mark Christie and Bobby Jones were good in defence, while Nathan Thornton and Kurtis White combined well.
Elizabeth was found badly hurt at a flat in Bobby Jones Place.
He will succeed Bobby Jones, who announced his retirement this spring following more than two decades of service in leader-ship roles with the university.
But, as one of history's most celebrated golfers, Bobby Jones, said when praised for calling a penalty on himself in the 1925 US Open, "You might as well praise a man for not robbing a bank."
"The thing that happened on the18th hole is that I was walking up, about halfway up, just across the road, and I'm looking all the way up the right side, and then to the back, and the road is all jammed with people and I thought of the story about Bobby Jones.
Page Celtic consolidated their mid-table position with a 2-0 win over Byrom thanks to goals from Thomas Sweeney and Bobby Jones as the Celts missed plenty of chances to kill the game off earlier.
Open champions at Royal Liverpool: Tiger Woods (2006), Roberto De Vicenzo (1967), Peter Thomson (1956), Fred Daly (1947), Alfred Padgham (1936), Bobby Jones (1930), Walter Hagen (1924), John H.
One of the last green jackets to be auctioned, and believed to belong to Bobby Jones, co-founder of The Masters, sold in 2011 for more than 300,000 dollars, according to the report.