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(bɔˈbruːɪsk) or


(Placename) a port in Belarus, on the River Berezina: engineering, timber, tyre manufacturing. Pop: 219 000 (2005 est)


(bəˈbru ɪsk)

a city in SE Belorussia, SE of Minsk. 232,000.
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The immediate global biodiversity benefits include enhanced ecosystem integrity outside PAs in 10 administrative districts (approximately 2 million hectares): Rechica (Gomel Region), Rogachev (Gomel Region), Ivacevichy (Brest Region), Volozhin (Minsk Region), Korelichi (Grodno Region), Slonim (Grodno Region), Klichev (Mogilev Region), Bobruysk (Mogilev Region), Rossony (Vitebsk Region), Glubokoe (Vitebsk Region).
The Church has tried since October 2004 to register as an association and held four founding sessions in Bobruysk to comply with the registration requirements.
The 246th Regiment, based at Bobruysk with Hurricane MkIIDs, was hardly involved in combat.