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or boc·ci or boc·cie  (bŏch′ē)
A game of Italian origin similar to lawn bowling that is played with wooden balls on a long narrow court covered with fine gravel.

[Italian bocce, pl. of boccia, ball.]
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Noun1.bocce - Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt courtbocce - Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt court
bowling - a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them
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EARLIER THIS YEAR, five hard-working children from Grasmere Academy participated in a Boccia Tournament.
Volunteers from the Birmingham office of law firm Irwin Mitchell are set to swap briefcases for Boccia balls on June 23 as part of the Birmingham Inclusive Sports Festival (BISF).
New England Combined Air Rifle and Boccia Tournament *
Athletes competed in Boccia, New Age Kurling, Sitting Volleyball & Wheelchair Basketball and local winners included: Sitting Volleyball: 3rd: North Charnwood (Maplewell Hall School).
Officials of Dubai Club for People of Determination at the press meet held to announce details of the Fazza Boccia World Open.
KNOWSLEY Central D won the Merseyside Schools Pan Disability Boccia Tournament 2018.
Boccia is played by competitors who have a physical disability and wheelchair users.
Competitors range across age groups, competing in 10 sports - boccia, badminton, indoor bowls, cycling, football, golf, table tennis, swimming, MATP and athletics.
Athletes from across the nation began facing off Thursday in Naperville in one of the few competitive sports truly open to people with certain physical disabilities: boccia.
Matt Palamarczuk, 33, is already a qualified Paralympic coach in the sport of boccia, which he has championed at the Pendine Park care organisation where he works.
The Perak state government is discussing a long-term solution to help athletes that are in need of financial assistance after the case of physically-challenged state Boccia athlete Fua Chee Keong made national headlines.