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n.1.A coarse woolen fabric, used for floor cloths, to cover carpets, etc.; - so called from the town of Bocking, in England, where it was first made.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"It's been very touching to see that and of course I'm aware of the funeral service that was held in Bocking [Braintree, Essex]."
Bandmates Liam Howlett and Maxim were at the ceremony in Bocking, Essex, where Keith's horse-drawn hearse was met by applause from an emotional crowd, led by widow Mayumi Kai.
A post on the band's official Twitter page invited fans to line the procession route and "raise the roof for Keef" ahead of the private service at St Mary's Church in Bocking, Essex, yesterday.
The coffin of Keith Flint is carried into St Mary's Church, in Bocking, Essex Picture: JOE GIDDENS
"If anyone wishes to lay flowers or tributes, these should be sent to St Mary's church in Bocking, no later than 2pm Friday.
She was then given a break until returning at Wolverhampton last month, where she was sent offfavourite but had to settle for third behind Bocking End.
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11 ( ANI ): BlackBerry has reportedly announced that the head of its BBM business, Andrew Bocking, was leaving the company.
"People across the globe are using BBM to connect with each other and the enthusiasm has been phenomenal," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President for BBM at BlackBerry.