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Noun1.Boddhisatva - Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others
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It should also be pointed out that a copper Ganesa medallion dating to the twelfth century was found in the Visayas, more specifically in Mactan, Cebu, in 1843, while a clay image of the boddhisatva Avalokitesvara-Padmapani was found in Calatagan itself in 1961 (Figure 15).
He may function as a boddhisatva or dharma bum, at peace with himself and content to stand as an example for others.
Their cloud-caravans, oases of occluded light offer to the viewer's eye an endless array of possible shapes & scenarios--labelled on the back by the good doctor: "spanking the maid," "opening the umbrella," "humping the camel," "chasing the weasel," "going deep in the hole." I myself can make out "Boddhisatva on a tricycle," "fat soprano stumped by a one-legged o strich," "a ghost orchid swallowing a policeman's nightstick." & how rich are the smoky spectrum of colors--from sooty blacks to fecal browns to fumid blues to pustulant-yellows, from bruised purples to pre-nuptial pinks to mothers-of-pearl to tarnished silver shades of heron bill & "fairywing."