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n.1.See Bodick.
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There is no accounting,' said good Miss Peecher with a little sad sigh which she repressed by laying her hand on her neat methodical boddice, 'there is no accounting for tastes, Mary Anne.
Una de las estrellas emergentes de la historia de las emociones escrita en ingles, Boddice nos ofrece una excelente introduccion a esta nueva subdisciplina, en la que encara de forma clara y pedagogica algunos de los problemas principales, tanto teoricos como practicos, que presenta la introduccion de las emociones en la historia.
Set in Glasgow's grittier corners, the novel assembles its motley cast: sadistic crime boss Boddice, unwilling enforcer Davie Prentice, wary Kyle, a pair of twins no one can ever seem to tell apart, and tech expert Boag, who uses the children's game Operation and other "DIY crap" as inspiration for his gadgetry.
Such inattention to what is fitting caused Aurora Leigh to be lauded by writer and reformer Frances Power Cobbe, who said the poem "bears the relation to Psyche that a chiselled steel corslet does to a silk boddice with lace trimmings.
BODDICE, Rob: The Science of Sympathy: Morality, Evolution, and Victorian Civilization
In any event, seemingly pursuant to IAA s 7(2) allowing a court to stay its proceedings 'upon such conditions (if any) as it thinks fit', Boddice J remarked ([24]):
The broad-straps belonging to the Gown or Boddice, which cross the front of the Waist, over white, have a very pretty effect I think.
Boddice, a historian, presents a history of attitudes and behaviors towards animals in eighteenth and nineteenth-century Britain, chosen as it was the site of the origins of the humane movement.
See Rob Boddice, "Beastly pleasures: blood sports in England, c.
Nigel Boddice and Geoffrey Whitham are the adjudicators.