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See Lake Constance.


(Placename) the German name for (Lake) Constance


(ˈkɒn stəns)

1. Lake. German, Bodensee. a lake in W Europe, bounded by Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 46 mi. (74 km) long; 207 sq. mi. (536 sq. km).
2. German, Konstanz. a city in S Germany, on this lake: church council 1414–18. 68,305.
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Noun1.Bodensee - a lake in southeastern Germany on the northern side of the Swiss Alps; forms part of the Rhine River
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
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This bike tour round the shores of Central Europe's third largest lake, known as Bodensee to the Germans, dips into Germany, Austria and Sw lo wca ta te Switzerland.
By what English name is the lake called Bodensee known?
Which lake, also called the Bodensee, has an area which includes part of Germany, Austria and Switzerland?
Das Tagebuch einer Ferienreise an den Bodensee von 1791.
Landsratsamt Bodensee, the local government for 210,000 residents in the Bodensee area of Germany, has implemented an integrated RAID-TAPE server solution from DSM for use in managing drivers licenses and vehicle registration records.
There was, however, a town called Konstanz, on the western, Swiss shore of a body of water called Bodensee.
The Haerle Brewery, a family-owned business making beer since 1822 in the southern town of Koenigseggwald near the Bodensee Lake, said local beer-lovers are setting up a new company and selling shares to raise capital.