n.1.(Buddhism) One who has reached the highest degree of saintship, so that in his next incarnation he will be a Buddha, or savior of the world.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Two butterfly-winged dewas held a wreath over His head; above them another pair supported an umbrella surmounted by the jewelled headdress of the Bodhisat.
To Him the Way, the Law, apart, Whom Maya held beneath her heart, Ananda's Lord, the Bodhisat.
Here was the wicked woman who accused the Master of impurity, all confounded; here was the teaching in the Deer-park; the miracle that stunned the fire-worshippers; here was the Bodhisat in royal state as a prince; the miraculous birth; the death at Kusinagara, where the weak disciple fainted; while there were almost countless repetitions of the meditation under the Bodhi tree; and the adoration of the alms-bowl was everywhere.
But the lama strode out, head high in air, and pausing an instant before the great statue of a Bodhisat in meditation, brushed through the turnstiles.
He writes, "It's founder K'on dKon mChog rGyalpo, a pupil of Kugpa Lha-bTsas, who claimed'., inspiration from the celestial bodhisat of wisdom, Manjushree, through the Indian sages ranging from Nagarjuna to Vasuputra ..." and he mixed together the `old' and the `new' Tantras, calling his new doctrine the "new-old" occult mystery of the `deep sight'.
Subjunctive bodhisat (II 16.7); in the case of yudh- the subjunctive yodhisat is flanked by an injunctive (2nd sg.
The relationship of the imperative josi to the other forms, and in particular to the modal forms josat(i) and josisat, is on one level exactly the same as that of yodhi and bodhi to yodhat, yodhisat and bodhat(i), bodhisat, respectively.
middle none is-aorist active bodhisat is-aorist middle none aorist imperative active bodhi