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Kapp's use of large-scale sculptures creates a sense of physicality and weight; referencing what Rosalind Krauss calls 'bodiliness'.
Reliant on the constitution of an "impossible ideal" itself rooted in a "normative standard of ordered and sealed bodiliness against which monstrosity is measured" (Shildrick 2001, 160), the socio-material assemblage within which Scotch's body comes to signify as normal or abnormal is one that cannot truly tolerate liminality.
Aquinas thinks it was necessary, then, to move into a deeper horizon of questioning that grasps being as being: "Then others there were who arose to the consideration of 'being,' as being, and who assigned a cause to things, not as 'these,' or as 'such,' [haec vel talia] but as 'beings.'" Aquinas thematizes eras of metaphysical inquiry in terms of bodiliness. In doing so, he highlights the importance of pointing to what is in order to progress beyond the Presocratic inquiry.
Perspectivism and animism: Rethinking Culture, Nature, Spirit and Bodiliness. Tipiti, Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America, 7(1).
And, at the Final Body, they again make "bodiliness" for him (i.e., give him a body), and for each single (margarzan sin) they cut off (his) head once and show him the punishments of hell, and (then) he is "righteous." Similarly the redactor of the Sayist ne sayist on the various acts of repenting and beheading:
God knows sexual persons in their embodiedness, just as sexual persons encounter God in their bodiliness, because sexual persons cannot be any other than corporeal beings.
At every level, the composition emphasizes bodiliness, physical interconnectedness.
Hopkins may have followed the revision of "formal identity" by Duns Scotus, who argued that a "form of bodiliness was necessary to explain resurrection and glorification" (Bynum, Resurrection, p.
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The cosmos and our own mindful bodiliness are physical "nature." As already noted, speaking of humanity, nature, and the cosmos as "creation" has fallen into the realm of the quaint.
Here the body has overcome its bodiliness. We cannot find any signs of frailty and contingency....