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The cosmos and our own mindful bodiliness are physical "nature.
Like Kristeva, White emphasises the interconnection of rationality and bodiliness, never allowing the two to be radically separated.
The apparent exaltation of the body can quickly turn into a hatred of bodiliness.
century the attention to Mary's bodiliness, particularly her
There is just something about foowashing that is off-putting, now as then, it seems, in its incarnate bodiliness.
19) Or as he also puts it: "It makes it's bodiliness to its own object.
Our attempt is to show ritual hermeneutics as the bodiliness of understanding in terms of interpretation organized with the emptiness of symbolic meanings.
For someone later revered as a spiritual savior, Jesus' ministry showed a profound connection with bodiliness and the earth.
again that their bodiliness reaches the metaphysical
The aim of Wittgenstein's "spiritual exercises" is to liberate us from that disseminated antipathy to bodiliness which is the last remnant of heretical theology in what we are naturally inclined, in moments of reflection, to say about ourselves and our relationships with one another.
If Dioneo is the narrator "who introduces bawdiness and bodiliness into the Decameron" (32) in I, 4, Fiammetta is the one who brings forward the question of gender differences in I, 5.
For Susan, in a following scene, eating too is a moment of awareness and recognition of her bodiliness, and the boundaries and separateness of the body as engendered by the consciousness of experiencing that body in the world; yet Susan's experience is not one of isolation but self-sufficiency in her own being, being in wholeness.