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God knows sexual persons in their embodiedness, just as sexual persons encounter God in their bodiliness, because sexual persons cannot be any other than corporeal beings.
Hopkins appears to take his cue from the apex of this debate, namely, the resolution of "formal unity," a position articulated by Aquinas and others in the thirteenth century to deflect the thorny question of the integrity of the resurrected body: "If the soul is the one form of the body (unica forma corporis) and bears the name of homo (including, as it must, the nature of bodiliness, because it is man's only form), then soul guarantees self.
76) On the bodiliness of jig performances, Kempe's own powerful physicality, and the confusion that may result from a strictly visual interpretation of a jig following a play, see Ronda Arab, "Ruthless Power and Ambivalent Glory: The Rebel-Labourer in 2 Henry VI," Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies 5 (2005): 5-36, esp.
The cosmos and our own mindful bodiliness are physical "nature.
Kevin O'Regan outlines four qualities of sensorimotor interactions with environments that are not reducible either to thoughts and imaginings or to the physical properties of things: richness (a scene spied provides infinite detail beyond what you can invent), bodiliness (the motions of the body affect sensory input), insubordinateness (the world has a life of its own; things move by themselves), and grabbiness (sensory impacts matter apart from their cognition).
The apparent exaltation of the body can quickly turn into a hatred of bodiliness.
century the attention to Mary's bodiliness, particularly her
If there is such a link, could it be the voracious bodiliness Woolf attributed to both Jews and Nazis?
There is just something about foowashing that is off-putting, now as then, it seems, in its incarnate bodiliness.
19) Or as he also puts it: "It makes it's bodiliness to its own object.
For someone later revered as a spiritual savior, Jesus' ministry showed a profound connection with bodiliness and the earth.
Our attempt is to show ritual hermeneutics as the bodiliness of understanding in terms of interpretation organized with the emptiness of symbolic meanings.