Bodily fear

apprehension of physical injury.

See also: Bodily

References in classic literature ?
I'll tell you what it is: it's silent fretting and constant anxiety on your account, mingled, I suspect, with something of bodily fear on her own.
Whilst the clothes lasted which had been prepared for her marriage, these casual glances of interest caused her no inconvenience, but as soon as she was compelled to don the wrapper of a fieldwoman, rude words were addressed to her more than once; but nothing occurred to cause her bodily fear till a particular November afternoon.
We are not to be put in bodily fear, and that ill-conditioned fellow shall be held to bail again.
He would have liked to spring on Dunstan, wrench the whip from his hand, and flog him to within an inch of his life; and no bodily fear could have deterred him; but he was mastered by another sort of fear, which was fed by feelings stronger even than his resentment.
It appears from examining the papers, that you demanded admission into the hut legally; so you were put in bodily fear by his rifle and threats?
But once these images became a major news story (and given that they easily satisfied Western standards of legitimate commentary and in fact only became internationally controversial after being misrepresented to the larger Muslim world), I can see little reason--other than bodily fear, bottom-line self-preservation, and just poor judgment--that the U.
200 YEARS AGO: I, Joseph Daniel, of the city and county of Lichfield, yeoman, hereby acknowledge that I have, by riding in and driving a cart in an improper manner, obstructed the free passage of a gig, the property of Mr John Mabson, of Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, and putting him, the said Mr Mabson, in bodily fear and danger; and having been brought before one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said city and county, beg pardon for the said offence.