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While Benavides might have blocked some hits, most of Crawford's body blows had found their mark.
Of the 181 Pacquiao threw, 79 landed, including 21 body blows, for 43.6 percent.
Just when the bell sounded, Conlan was seen gasping for air, an effect of an accumulation of body blows.
Eubank, 22, controlled the pace of the early rounds, landing a string of body blows, but was pegged back by a resurgent Ball, who finished well.
But Liverpool's seasonR has been littered with shattering luck and bitter body blows, as well as beach-ball goals.
It's not as if we've never had body blows of this kind in the past but perhaps what makes this different is that it comes in the midst of the worst economic turndown in decades and puts in question the very survival of one of cornerstone industries.
The body blows came as allies sought to rally support after a dreadful weekend which saw Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander quit over sleaze allegations, and leading donors criticise the PM's performance.
How many more financial body blows does Westminster expect us to be able to absorb?
His body blows can take the spring out of Mayweather's legs.
Despite the double body blows of Katrina and $3.00 per gallon gasoline, the United States economy grew in 2005!
They were body blows they took a while to recover from, but the way they battled and closed the Gunners down should provide a great confidence lift for the Chelsea tie.
How many more body blows do workers at Sony's Bridgend plant have to take?