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also bod·y-board (bŏd′ē-bôrd′)
A very short surfboard, typically having a straight front end and no fins and ridden by lying on one's chest.
intr.v. bod·y·board·ed, bod·y·board·ing, bod·y·boards also bod·y-board·ed or bod·y-board·ing or bod·y-boards
To surf on a bodyboard.

bod′y·board′er n.
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(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) the sport of surfing using a bodyboard
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(ˈbɒd iˌbɔr dɪŋ, -ˌboʊr-)

the water sport of surfing on a short surfboard (bod′y•board′) on which the surfer lies prone or kneels.
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Body boarding and bratty fights were among the challenges a Hinckley TV star had to overcome in her first week on Coach Trip.
A day at sea follows when passengers can try surfing or body boarding on the Flowrider surf simulator or visit the Vitality Spa for a special treatment.
A FAMILY were rescued, suering from hypothermia, shock and having swallowed saltwater, after being washed out to sea while body boarding on the Northumberland coast.
It will feature competitions in body boarding, stand-up surfing and tricks and several prizes will be up for grabs, including an annual pass to the Wahooo!
The centre's staff will be instructing on the simulated surf machine which enables surfers to enjoy the pleasures of body boarding and surfing in a safe environment.
RNLI lifeguards pulled two brothers aged nine and 11 from the sea after they got into difficulty in strong currents while body boarding at Newgale, Pembrokeshire.
[ClickPress, Wed Jun 01 2011] The best surfers from France and countries worldwide will be competing at the Biarritz Surfing Festival where contests will run in many different surfing styles such as short boards and body boarding. The long board competition is particularly famous and visitors can attend to see who's crowned champion when the festival runs between 10th and 12th July 2011.
With Wahooo's unique Flowrider ride, first-time surfers are in complete control with the ability to adjust the wave power and height to their comfort, starting steadily with body boarding before learning tricks and turns that come with controlling the board.
The 7.5 hours of training will include ways to ride its 'flowrider' - different body boarding techniques, executing 360 degree spins, wave rolls and many more tricks.
Even during normal weather conditions sports like surfing, windsurfing, and body boarding, to name a few, still have a decent amount of risks involved.
The 32-foot-wide by 40-foot-long FlowRider[umlaut] generates a thin sheet of water that flows over the ride surface, creating a wave-like shape, so riders surf or body board against the waterflow of 30,000 gallons per minute, carving turns and trying tricks, flowboarding, or body boarding.
Warrington officer Jonny Speakman, 33, was body boarding on holiday in Australia when he was among a group caught in a dangerous tide.