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Noun1.back brace - a brace worn to support the backback brace - a brace worn to support the back  
brace - a support that steadies or strengthens something else; "he wore a brace on his knee"
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Ben Baddeley, who has cerebral palsy, can now walk without leg splints and a body brace after selective dorsal rhizotomy.
She also had to start wearing a body brace for 23 hours a day for FOUR years.
While both bracing and surgery attempt to correct Scoliotic curves using force, either with a hard-plastic body brace or with metal rods surgically attached to the spine, our program aims to keep the spine in motion, and strengthen the spine so it can remain straight by itself.
The company makes a mechanized body brace that allows some people with paraplegia to walk, and its device was approved for sale in the United States last year.
The sixth-year Dalbeattie High pupil will have to wear a collar and body brace for at least three months.
I waited patiently with my son who had accompanied me as I am in a body brace and on crutches after spinal surgery.
But David, who was unable to hold his 14-week-old daughter Madison after being placed in a body brace, said the sentence should have been tougher.
Like many dwarves, he suffers from a curved spine that means he has to wear a corrective body brace for 23 hours every day.
Tariq, whose ongoing treatment requires him to wear a body brace, is optimistic and said that scoliosis has changed his life.
The former Godolphin number two, who has spent several weeks in a body brace since fracturing a vertebra in a fall in June, is optimistic of being ready for the race at Flemington on November 2 after riding in three barrier trials at Rosehill yesterday.
After spending a year battling his way back to fitness - including wearing a body brace for three months - the extreme sports fanatic was determined to don his wing suit again.
TAYLOR DENT spent 23 hours a day, every day, for nine months lying on his back in a body brace dreaming of days like today.