Body cloth

a cloth or blanket for covering horses.
See under Body.

See also: Body, Cloth

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9 October 2014 - US investment firm The Gores Group LLC has sold its automotive body cloth and headliners unit Sage Automotive Interiors Inc to local private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group LLC, the vendor said today without providing financial details.
Coated or laminated textiles are produced to form composites such as; automotive body cloth, tires, conveyor belts, hoses, protective clothing, shelters, covers, liquid containers, etc.
There's a body cloth, eyemask, decision dice, mini hand-held massager and soothing headband.
In today's automobiles, woven or knitted textiles typically provide the aesthetic, functional and tactile properties of the face fabric used as body cloth for seating, headliners and door trim_ However, unlike wovens and knits (which involve weaving and knitting steps, respectively), nonwovens are made either directly from molten fibers as they are extruded or from chopped staple fibers laid down as a mat.
If the evolving lamination techniques are successful, PP-based textiles will enter the market as PP textile/PO foam sheet laminates to challenge the incumbent polyester textile/PU foam laminates currently used in many body cloth applications.
Sage will continue to provide its clientele with automotive body cloth under the Yes Essentials and FXC brands, as well as other branded products.
25 April 2014 - US investment firm The Gores Group LLC is disposing of local automotive body cloth and headliners maker Sage Automotive Interiors Inc, Reuters said on Friday citing three knowledgeable sources.
Recently, InterfaceFABRIC entered the automotive sector and is providing a "green" body cloth fabric for the Ford Escape.
The market is responding to chenille body cloth with visual texture as well as finer denier.
Reds and blues were popping up in showrooms throughout High Point, seen on body cloth as well as on accent pieces.
The new frames will be shown in a chenille body cloth with tapestry pillows in ready-to-wear-inspired grays and taupes.
Available in four different scents, the brand claims Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths leave users feeling completely refreshed with just one wipe.