Body coat

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a gentleman's dress coat.
- Addison.

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On clinical observation, body condition appeared emaciated with rough body coat (Fig.
He was wearing a baseball cap with a white peak and a red 'body coat' with white sleeves.
Descriptive statistics for body dimensions were analyzed using the ANOVA and Student's T-Test that also determined the impact of sex, region, body coat color and age group on the response variables of WH, HR, BL, HGC, CD, CC and HL (Anonymous, 2011b).
In this study the distributions of body coat color of the sampled Tazi, as percentages, for black was 35.2%, dun 25.4%, brown 12.3%, tan 10.7%, white 8.2% and pied 8.2% respectively.
Their body coat will slick out for the summer, but some retain a short curly coat or wavy pattern.
Other sheep in the flock showed anorexia, diarrhoea, pale mucus membrane, rough body coat, depression and emaciation (Fig.1).
On clinical examination, animals were found weak, lethargic, pale mucus membrane, dullness, rough body coat, depression and emaciation.
After continuation of above treatment for a period of three weeks, all dogs have recovered from previous signs and appearance of normal body coat without persistent itching.
Citadel Polyurea Coatings offers Poly 100-Single Component, a primer body coat in their series of single component polyurea (SCP) floor coatings.
There was a total alopecia of body coat, except for some hair growth on dorsal vertebral ridge and on skull in poll area.
In the following days, the animals showed marked improvement in terms of smooth body coat, regrowth of hair and increased feed intake.