Body color

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(Paint.) a pigment that has consistency, thickness, or body, in distinction from a tint or wash.
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Stardust" (Stardust) will get a dark gray body color and interior with a black velvet finish.
Hatchling body color is also different between the solitarious and gregarious phases and depends on parental crowding conditions.
A new special body color, Aluminum Metallic, has been added to the popular body color lineup that includes Brilliant Black and Chrystal White Pearl Mica.
Wild-type eyes, wild-type body color 569 Wild-type eyes, ebony body color 80 Sepia eyes, wild-type body color 63 Sepia eyes, and ebony body color 127
The equipment difference extends to fog lamps, a rear spoiler, sunroof, body color mirrors, a leather steering wheel, an AM/FM/6-CD sound system, and automatic climate control.
He also sees a growing trend to bring body color into the interior of the car--an application for his firm's Avloy Dry Paint films.
The specs of the CDMP12l5 remain identical to its predecessor (8-320Kbps bit rate, VBR support and 10 hours of playback) and the only other change is a purely cosmetic one, changing the body color of the machine to a monotone silver (it was formerly silver and blue or silver and gray).
Contract Awarded for Procurement body color doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment, Water treatment machines, Pathological binocular microscope batch
It delivers enhanced interior and exterior refinement with exclusive equipment including sporty 17-inch reflective alloy wheels, high-quality and comfortable half-leather seats, and the exterior body color Radiant Ebony Mica.
Combining Joule with a separate lens eliminates the need for a reflector, making body color or contrasting taillights a possibility.
Newly available optional equipment includes Run Flat tires and satellite radio with body color antenna.