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Noun1.body type - a category of physique
body-build, build, physique, habitus - constitution of the human body
asthenic type, ectomorphy - slender, weak, and lightweight
endomorphy, pyknic type - round, fat, and heavy
athletic type, mesomorphy - muscular and big-boned
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You don't need many fonts when you're thinking of how to design a brochure, just a heading and body copy font.
The writer would type a headline, body copy, suggested visual, and put it in their OUT tray.
The modern, robust font, Proxima Nova, that you've been getting used to in our logo now features extensively throughout the newspaper, with the Chaparral and Charter fonts used for headlines and body copy retained for that familiar Racing Post feel.
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Hopkins also "realized the significance of conducting tests, using samples, and researching copy to determine which headline, which subhead, and which sentence of body copy attracted the most attention." Hopkins eventually became a mail-order specialist and added a wrinkle to testing by using coupons and samples through the mail (p.
Body Copy: S&P said a reason for the downgrade was the downward revision in oil price assumptions by more than 20 per cent for 2016 and by close to 30pc for 2017-2019.
Consider long-term search from the audience perspective--Once pain points are identified, Schuster says the next step is creating long-tail phrases that "resonate with the industry problem the client is trying to solve for its customers." These phrases are then used in headline and body copy, boosting the odds of being found by search engines.
(7) Call To Action: They do a good job of giving the consumer several choices on how to take the next step--both in the body copy and below the RS.
Buyers place orders for ad designs on TAG on the Web's site, uploading images, dictating headline, body copy and tagline.
SIR - I am not sure what to comment first on in Aled Blake's column (January 17), the accompanying photograph or the body copy contents.
The wry body copy. Everything about this print ad (and the whole campaign) was revolutionary--its simplicity and honesty nothing short of shocking.