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body piercing


bod′y pierc`ing

the piercing of a part of the body other than the ear, as the navel, in order to insert an ornamental ring or stud.

bod·y pierc·ing

n. perforación con un objeto metálico o plástico de una parte del cuerpo.
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Set eight weeks to lose two stone, Helen's life-threatening condition becomes a life-affirming journey of equal parts humour, frustration and tears, as she tries everything from body piercings to belly-dancing in order to lose the weight.
These hapless individuals often look remarkably similar - most are female, many sport tattoos and body piercings and have those dreadful hairstyles in which tightlybound buns act rather like surgical facelifts by forcing their flesh upwards so they look permanently surprised.
Let's just say that in some places you find guys with body piercings and non-regulation haircuts.
Since then, Paul has worked tirelessly to transform The Oasis, which this year celebrates its 40th birthday, and it now boasts one of the largest collections of alternative independent retailers in the UK, with 32 of its units - spread over five floors - being occupied by traders selling everything from Gothic, "hippy" and vintage clothing and jewellery to tattoos and body piercings.
Body piercer Bill "Danger" Robinson broke the Guinness Book record for "Most Body piercings in a single sitting," at Inktoxicated Tattoos in Las Vegas on Tuesday.
General audiences will appreciate descriptions of sub-genres such as grindcore, grunge and death metal, and artifacts of the culture such as body piercings, leather and even the video game Guitar Hero are also explained.
The trouble is that the good dame's books include newborn babies placed in dustbins, body piercings and similar mayhem.
How do tattoos and/or body piercings affect the opinions of co-workers and employers?
The pupils, aged about 15, were protesting about various issues, including the amount of supply teachers being used and not being allowed to wear jewellery or have body piercings.
Jackie sells cosmetics, candles and incense sticks, but mainly jewellery, from standard items to accessories for body piercings.
Silence fell as the 6ft 4ins American, with frightening tattoos and body piercings, strode into the room at Unity City Academy in Middlesbrough to give one of his soul-searching presentations.
You do not want to be late to the interview because you were forced to remove 12 body piercings at the security desk.