Body plan

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(Shipbuilding) an end elevation, showing the conbour of the sides of a ship at certain points of her length.
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1038/nature22080) A paper describing it was published Wednesday in the journal Nature under the title "Burgess Shale fossils illustrate the origin of the mandibulate body plan.
rulesof summer slimming PERfEcT beach body plan Eat more beans and pulses like lentils and chickpeas.
She captioned the stunning snap: "My beach body plan has landed
These genes encode proteins that establish the embryo's body plan and direct organ development.
Found by co-author Peiyun Cong near Kunming, it belongs to the species Fuxianhuia protensa, an extinct lineage of arthropods combining advanced internal anatomy with a primitive body plan.
It contains labeled images, concise descriptions, tables, schematics, concepts, captions, summaries, and glossaries, and begins with an overview of the major developmental periods, the mechanisms of abnormal development, and the classification of anomalies, then addresses gastrulation, the vertebrate body plan, and the placenta, and each of the body systems and the head and neck region.
The scientists didn't demonstrate that the changes in snail body plan after exposure to platinum were heritable, and we don't know if the next generation would have had shells or not.
rex by around 60m years, the two carnivores shared the same body plan, having a large skull, tiny forearms and athletic hind legs designed for running.
We need to know if extant molluscan larvae have resulted from shunting of juvenile traits onto an ancestral larval form that had a body plan unique to the larval stage, or if molluscan larvae are better interpreted as differentiating juveniles that secondarily acquired traits facilitating a planktonic or even a planktotrophic lifestyle.
William Junger, a paleoanthropologist at Stony Brook University in New York, says the footprints are further evidence that Homo erectus had "undergone a major structural change in body plan, and it's much like our own.
The Ultimate New York Body Plan is the program as seen on ABC-TV's 'Extreme Makeover': it offers a diet and fitness combo to reshape the body and promotes quick weight loss.
All isn't lost, says celebrity trainer David Kirsch in The Ultimate New York Body Plan.