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 (bē-ō′shə, -shē-ə)
An ancient region of Greece north of Attica and the Gulf of Corinth. The cities of the region formed the Boeotian League in the sixth century bc but were usually under the dominance of Thebes.

Boe·o′tian adj. & n.


(Placename) a region of ancient Greece, northwest of Athens. It consisted of ten city-states, which formed the Boeotian League, led by Thebes: at its height in the 4th century bc. Modern Greek name: Voiotia


(biˈoʊ ʃə)

a district in ancient Greece, NW of Athens. Cap.: Thebes.
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Noun1.Boeotia - a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens
battle of Plataea, Plataea - a defeat of the Persian army by the Greeks at Plataea in 479 BC
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
Thebes - an ancient Greek city in Boeotia destroyed by Alexander the Great in 336 BC
Plataea - a former town in Boeotia; site of a battle between the Greeks and Persians in 479 BC
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In continental Greece (1), on the other hand, but especially in Boeotia, a new form of epic sprang up, which for the romance and PATHOS of the Ionian School substituted the practical and matter-of-fact.
As the epithet suggests, the initial focus in this section is King Citharion of Boeotia. The king built a temple to Jupiter and Juno in Platea; the reference to this temple introduces our story, which in broad strokes is the same as in Sachs.
Supply of pdo feta cheese, to meet the needs of ekems and the units located in the prefectures of attica, boeotia, korinthia, evia and argolida.
(45) Athens lost its independence in 338 when Philip defeated a large force that included Athenians at the Battle of Chaeronea in Boeotia, and a warrant was issued for Demosthenes' arrest.
De las 44 especies capturadas en este estudio, solo tres se encontraron simultaneamente en los tres habitats: Adelpha boeotia boeotia (C.
The Theatre of Dionysus was itself situated in a liminal position, on the border between the Acropolis and the lower city, and during the spring "Great Dionysia" it was dedicated to Dionysus of Eleutherae, a mountain village on the frontier between Attica and Boeotia. Imagine being one of the many thousands in attendance at the premiere of the Oresteia trilogy (plus Proteus satyr-play) in 458 BCE, enjoying the optimal sight lines as well as exceptionally fine acoustics of the space, witnessing--like Argive elders and then Athenian jury members--the suspenseful preambles to and aftermaths of lurid royal family murders, capped off by a fiercely debated trial featuring Olympian gods, chthonic Furies, and afflicted mortals.
Ancient Eleon in Boeotia: The Mycenaean Age - 6 p.m.
Indeed, Epaminondas's biography might have been of special interest to Plutarch since they both hailed from Boeotia (and Plutarch respected educated heroes, like Epaminondas).
Specimens of Poecilimon propinquus, Sterea Ellas, Biotia (Boeotia), Mt.
This strategy worked in part: most of the Greeks in north and central Greece, including Boeotia and Thessaly, faced by what appeared an unstoppable Persian onslaught, defected to Persia rather than fight.
'Mardonius, Xerses' thane, disembarked the ships on which they had travelled and came to one of the cities in Boeotia, in Greece, and took it by storm.'