Bofors gun

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Bo·fors gun

 (bō′fôrz′, bo͞o′-)
An automatic antiaircraft gun based on a Swedish design and having a caliber of 37 or 44 millimeters.

[After Bofors, a city of south-central Sweden.]

Bofors gun

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) an automatic single- or double-barrelled anti-aircraft gun with a 40 millimetre bore
[C20: named after Bofors, Sweden, where it was first made]

Bo′fors gun`

(ˈboʊ fɔrz, -fɔrs)
a 40-millimeter automatic gun used chiefly as an antiaircraft weapon.
[1935–40; after Bofors, Sweden]
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Noun1.Bofors gun - an automatic double-barreled antiaircraft gun
ack-ack, ack-ack gun, antiaircraft, antiaircraft gun, pom-pom, flack, flak - artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes
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Earlier in May, CBI said that the investigation into the Rs 64-crore kickbacks in the Bofors gun deal will continue, hours after it withdrew an application seeking the permission of a special court to probe the matter further.
Contrasting the days when he wrote extensively on the kickbacks paid in the Bofors gun deal, Ram said no threats were then made to him or to The Hindu like invoking the Official Secrets Act as it was being done by the Modi government.
It is a different matter that the Bofors gun proved its mettle when the Vajpayee government succeeded in liberating Kargil heights the Pakistanis had captured primarily because of its own inability to notice in time the Pakistani regulars capturing an area larger than the Delhi state.
Limited Tenders are invited for Fabrication of automatic cable tester for 155mm bofors gun
The actor also spoke about allegations against his family and him in the Bofors gun pay-off scandal.
1 Modern warfare: Ask a member of the museum staff to let you take a seat on a 1930s anti-aircraft Bofors gun to get a feel for going into battle.
A Halifax-class frigate displaces 4,800 tons, mounts a single 57mm Bofors gun, and has a top speed of a leisurely 29 knots, less than any British cruiser and equalled by the German pocket battleship Graf Spee.
Tracing his grandfather's early life, Paul's first journey was to Medjez el Bab, in Tunisia, where Norman's job was to provide cover with his 40mm Bofors gun while the infantry attempted to take back Tunis, 25 miles away.
| Clockwise, from left, General Boles sitting at |controls of a Bofors gun at the Wolseley; Field Marshall Montgomery with Sir Miles Thomas inspecting a Bren gun carrier made at the Wolseley; the Hollywood star Edward G.
At the same time, he appeared in a few feature films, mainly in uniform, as a "Brummie gunner" in The Bofors Gun (1968); in David Lean's Ryan's Daughter (1970); in Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (1975); and as an RAF pilot in Aces High (1976).
A mock-up of a Bofors gun would be put in golf-ball shaped buildings called dome trainers.