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(Turkish bɔːˈɑzkœi)
(Placename) a village in central Asia Minor: site of the ancient Hittite capital


or Bo•gaz•köy

(ˌboʊ ɑzˈkœ i, -ˈkɔɪ)

a village in N central Turkey: site of the ancient Hittite capital.
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Giyimkent Head Office, Hadimkoy, Bayrampasa, Salt Works, GE[micro]ztepe Precast and Ready Mixed Concrete Construction Site, Bogazkoy Ready Mixed Concrete Construction Site and Yenibosna Laboratory Facilities Private Security Services Procurement.
In 2011, the nearby Bogazkoy Museum added to its collection two Hittite Sphinxes, one of which had been taken to Germany "for repairs" 94 years earlier.
Bogazkoy Sphinx, Pergamon-Zeus Altar, Aphrodisias-Old Fisherman Statue and Trojan artifacts in Germany; an Ottoman ceramic panel at the Louvre Museum in France; Trojan pieces in Russia and the Heracles Statue in Boston, USA are some of the important artifacts needed to be returned to Turkey, officials said.
In addition asphaltites are well differentiated from other famous oil shows analysed in southeast Turkey namely Eruh, Selmo, Bogazkoy and Yesilli.
Kibris Turk Kadin Cemiyetleri icinde kirsal kesimlerde olusancemiyetler arasinda 1932 yilinda kurulan Lapta Selkat Yurdu, 1964'te kurulan Kibris Tuck Kadinlar Birligi Bogazkoy Subesi, 1969 da kurulan Beyarmudu Turk Kadinlar Birligi ni (Muruvvet Atalay - Bahire Uzman inan (1988).
The island of Cyprus, on the other hand, while second to Bogazkoy in terms of abundance of RLW, has preserved the full typological range of RLW.
Working with the Hurrian material from Bogazkoy is difficult, given the issues with the grammar and lexicon of this language that still remain.
Bogazkoy tablets in the Archaeological Museum of Ankara II.
Those works of arts are mainly from the archaeological excavations in the mounds of Alacahoyuk, Bogazkoy, Ortakoy, Eskiyapar, Pazarli, Kussaray, Huseyindede and Alisar.
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