n.1.A bogey.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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| R Onyensoh, conservatory with balcony over and french balcony to first floor, Boggard Ing Farm, Park Lane, Berry Brow.
Boggard, Carey, Dodd, Repath and Whitaker (2005) argue that in political science, the opportunity for deep learning is greatly enhanced by small group teaching.
His work, which had the sub-title the Boggard of Cherry Lane, tells how Prince John once travelled through Liverpool on his way back from a war in Ireland.
A new housing and community development partnership announced in mid-1999 by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), involving Fannie Mae and then-incumbent Los Angeles area mayors Daryl Sweeney (Carson), Omar Bradley (Compton), Roosevelt Dorn (Inglewood), Ricardo Sanchez (Lynwood), Bill Boggard (Pasadena) and Eddie Cortez (Pomona), will focus on underserved neighborhoods in the communities represented by the mayors.
| E Onyensoh, detached garage with room over, conservatory with balcony over and french balcony, Boggard Ing Farm, Park Lane, Berry Brow.
It will be headlined by Poxy Boggards and there will be other musicians performing with Dylan omas readings and refreshments.
American folk band the Poxy Boggards will be headlining the festival, along with performances by harpist Aedan MacDonnell and singer-songwriter Virginia Morris, as well as special Dylan Thomas poetry readings by Hilary Wyn Williams and actor Joe Praml.
(8) Matthijs Boggards, "Counting Parties and Identifying Dominant Party Systems in Africa", European Journal of Political Research, No.
(110) Watts declares that "there is a mass of evidence to suggest that Methodism in particular both reinforced and was itself sustained by such popular superstition." (111) John Wesley's childhood home was haunted by a ghost named "old Jeffrey," and Watts cites numerous examples of nineteenth-century Methodist belief in witchcraft and "boggards." (112)
It has been recorded by groups such as the Dubliners, The Pogues, Peter, Paul and Mary, the LeperKhanz, the Poxy Boggards and The Limeliters.