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A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

[French bohémien, from Bohême, Bohemia (from the unconventional lifestyle of the Romani people, erroneously supposed to have come from there).]

bo·he′mi·an adj.
bo·he′mi·an·ism n.


a. A native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
b. A person of Bohemian ancestry.
2. The Czech dialects of Bohemia.
a. Archaic A Romani person.
b. An itinerant person; a vagabond.

[Sense 3, translation of French bohémien; see bohemian.]
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unconventional behaviour or appearance, esp of an artist
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the practice of individualistic, unconventional, and relaxed conduct, of ten in an artistic context, expressing disregard for or opposition to ordinary conventions. — bohemian, n., adj.
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Noun1.bohemianism - conduct characteristic of a bohemian
behavior, conduct, doings, behaviour - manner of acting or controlling yourself
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[bəʊˈhiːmɪənɪzəm] Nbohemia f, vida f bohemia
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nunkonventionelle or unbürgerliche Lebensweise
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Soon, the eclectic hut was a legendary house club and the epitome of Berlin's bohemian culture. As if built from a dream, it seemed to stand for a freer life, one without concerns for building inspection officers or fire safety measures.
The bohemian culture of Mamontov's Private Opera not only fostered its artists' creativity and its audience's celebrity worship but also tolerated and arguably encouraged the freewheeling sexual liaisons among the troupe, Savva himself emphatically included.
Other studies in this collection also center on the Saturday Press and its relationship to Whitman and the development of Pfaff's bohemian culture. Ingrid Satelmajer observes that the Press's editor, Clapp, was the most frequently published poet in his own publication.
Some were concerned that the buildings would pose a threat to the "arty, bohemian culture" of the Ouseburn area.
Bianca's fascination with Tarot as an art form and Bohemian culture has driven her to hone her Tarot skills in a very exclusive, insightful, and captivating way.