Bohemian glass

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a variety of hard glass of fine quality, made in Bohemia. It is of variable composition, containing usually silica, lime, and potash, rarely soda, but no lead. It is often remarkable for beauty of color.
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With a calm smile and a gentle wave of the hand, Monte Cristo signed to the distracted mother to lay aside her apprehensions; then, opening a casket that stood near, he drew forth a phial of Bohemian glass incrusted with gold, containing a liquid of the color of blood, of which he let fall a single drop on the child's lips.
Yet it was merely a very pretty drawing-room, and within it a boudoir, both spread with white carpets, on which seemed laid brilliant garlands of flowers; both ceiled with snowy mouldings of white grapes and vine-leaves, beneath which glowed in rich contrast crimson couches and ottomans; while the ornaments on the pale Pariain mantelpiece were of sparkling Bohemian glass, ruby red; and between the windows large mirrors repeated the general blending of snow and fire.
Like Bohemian glass, Bohemian costume jewelry has been famous since the 18th century.
The thread of narrow streets linking Old Town Square with Charles Bridge is lined with small shops selling Czech-made gifts - particularly Blue, for Bohemian glass, and Manufaktura for other locally Sq se Bo m made products, wooden toys and natural cosmetics.
During the 1970s and 1980s, iridescent Loetz stood at the pinnacle of collectable glassware, which resulted in most pieces of fine iridised Bohemian glass being marketed under their name.
The Czechs are, of course, the original Bohemians-long before the word came to be synonymous with unconventional lifestyles-and for centuries, Bohemian glass was famed for its beauty, high quality and originality.
The company combines the authenticity of Bohemian glass with unique designs, craftsmanship and innovative technologies.
The venue also offers a new shisha terrace lounge, serving newly-composed flavours in oversized contemporary pipes, made of Czech hand-blown Bohemian Glass.
Over the last 15 years, Nanning's one-of-a-kind glass pieces have united different worlds: classic bohemian glass finishing, decorative Japanese flower motifs, optical cut glass, natural phenomena and the scientific study of crystals.
Head of the Plastic Arts Sector Mohssen Shaalan revealed that the museum holdings include more than 4,000 unique artistic works, among which is a huge group of Bohemian glass and another of Islamic glass that date back to the 11th and 18th centuries.
Nearly 30 per cent of exports to the UAE are glass products including Czech-made Bohemian glass.
In glass, there is an important bohemian glass goblet and cover engraved by August B|hm and dating to 1845.