Cuir bouilli

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Cuir´ bou`illi´

1.In decorative art, boiled leather, fitted by the process to receive impressed patterns, like those produced by chasing metal, and to retain the impression permanently.
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Boiled leather is an example of this where the leather has been hardened by being immersed in hot water, or in boiled wax or similar substances.
What a relief I wasn't forced to eat boiled leather and lichen, as Sir John Franklin did on his 19th-century Arctic expedition.
There they waited for three months, bombarded by the fort's can non and so short of food that they were reduced to eating rats, mice and boiled leather, until early in August the monsoon slackened and they retreated south.
As the images flashed on to the screens of people so hungry they boiled leather to make soup everyone fell silent.
Who can forget the scene in The Gold Rush, for example, where he eats a boiled leather shoe for dinner because no other food is available?