Boiler plate

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plate or rolled iron of about a quarter to a half inch in thickness, used for making boilers and tanks, for covering ships, etc.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In fact, prior experience with other skin care brands can sometimes lead to a "boiler plate" approach as opposed to a bespoke one.
The best format should not only be detailed and comprehensive, but easily interpreted, making a clear distinction between defective building conditions and "boiler plate" verbiage.
On August 1, GDS issued a response, "a two-page press release of boiler plate denials almost devoid of details." While the company's response "failed to address the substance" of the Blue Orca report or the independent evidence presented therein, "it appears as though the company has given a more detailed response in private conversations with sell-side analysts." It should be an immediate red flag that GDS is afraid to publish a detailed response which we and other market participants could scrutinize.
Now, absent the TSA, individual carriers will go it alone in asking for adjustments to non-rate charges and practices in areas such as absorption of chassis costs; free-time allowances; port and rail demurrage charges; equipment detention and per diem; full recovery of current and projected trucking costs; intermodal pricing; credit policies; and contract boiler plate terms.
The plasma cutting head of this machine will enable boiler plate of up to 50mm thickness to be cut 4 times faster than previously.
--Do you have a boiler plate RFP that you issue to the vendors when bidding a project?
According to Lee, who is the immediate past chair of the ASME History and Heritage Committee, those errors in judgment included patching a boiler plate with one made of thinner iron than was used to build the boiler, and loading the ship with six times the number of people it was intended to carry.
It won't do to simply adopt the first boiler plate you come across and hope that it will work.