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Noun1.boiling water reactor - a nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator; the water boils in the reactor core and the steam produced can drive a steam turbine
water-cooled reactor - nuclear reactor using water as a coolant
réacteur à eau bouillante
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At full capacity, Browns Ferrys three GE boiling water reactors generate a combined 3,300 megawatts which is 10 percent of TVAs total generation capacity and enough clean-air electricity to meet the needs of more than 2 million homes.
Targeting Resource-renewable Boiling Water Reactors that can Reduce the Time Required for Decay in the Radioactivity of Waste Materials; Aiming for development of Next-Generation Nuclear Reactors that effectively use radioactive waste materials as fuel
We should let our politicians at all levels of government know that GE Hitachi's proposed boiling water reactors for Wylfa B are not welcome, bearing in mind that they are another version of the reactors that blew up at Fukushima.
The units would be the first commercial boiling water reactors in the country.
Most boiling water reactors in Japan, such as those at Tokyo Electric Power Co.
The three plants where Kearney has served during his career are Boiling Water Reactors.
Five of the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi 1 site are General Electric Mark I Boiling Water Reactors.
Experimental and numerical stability investigations on natural circulation boiling water reactors.
Since the 1980s, GE and Hitachi have worked together in developing Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs) in Asia, a design that represents the world's only commercially proven Generation III reactor design.
While the industry will continue to rely on traditional Boiling Water Reactors for the near term, the partners would like to progress to new reactor technology by 2030, which poses an additional hurdle for the auto industry as many automakers hope to have hydrogen-fueled vehicles on the market before those spiffy, new tech reactors start up, which means we may have to rely on outdated and inefficient technology to get us started on the hydrogen pathway GM and others have laid out.
These include the presure "suppression pools' (wells in boiling water reactors where steam can condense during an accident, but which might also filter out some fission products); ice condensing systems in some pressurized water reactors; and auxiliary buildings.
These systems link to, and form part of, the reactor protection systems in boiling water reactors (BWRs), pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and research reactors.