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 (boi′sē, -zē)
The capital and largest city of Idaho, in the southwest part of the state on the Boise River, a tributary of the Snake River about 150 km (100 mi) long. The city was founded in 1863 after gold was discovered in the river valley.


(ˈbɔɪzɪ; -sɪ) or

Boise City

(Placename) a city in SW Idaho: the state capital. Pop: 190 117 (2003 est)


(ˈbɔɪ zi or, esp. locally, -si)

the capital of Idaho, in the SW part. 152,737.
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Noun1.Boise - the capital and largest city of Idaho
Gem State, ID, Idaho - a state in the Rocky Mountains
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cities developed, predictably, along rail lines: so how did Boise, Idaho survive when it was bypassed by major rail lines?
Dennis Stevens, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Boise, Idaho, USA
Boise, Idaho, USA has reached a definitive agreement to sell its paper, forest products, and timberland assets for approximately US$ 3.
Boise, Idaho, and Eugene, Oregon, share a ballet company
Written by Boise native Carol Lynn MacGregor, Boise, Idaho 1882-1910: Prosperity in Isolation is the true story of how the community of Boise thrived at the turn of the twentieth century, despite being geographically bypassed and isolated from the main railroad lines.