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 (bō-kär′ə, -KHä′rə)


(Placename) a variant spelling of Bukhara


(bʊˈkɑr ə, bu-)

also Bokhara

1. a city in S central Uzbekistan, W of Samarkand. 236,000.
2. a former khanate in SW Asia: now incorporated into Uzbekistan.
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I left the road and went around through a stretch of pasture that was always cropped short in summer, where the gaillardia came up year after year and matted over the ground with the deep, velvety red that is in Bokhara carpets.
O, my uncle, this cloth knew not the weavers of Samarkand, and those colours were never made in the vats of Bokhara.
To the west, Bokhara, and, even to the south and west, Afghanistan, were swallowed up.
The story tells what happened when Bahaudin el-Shah, great teacher of the Naqshbandi dervishes (members of a Muslim, specifically Sufi, religious order who have taken vows of poverty and austerity) met a colleague in the great square of Bokhara, an ancient city in the central Asian country of Uzbekistan.
Auction are invited for Sell of properties Asset 1 land with 2 storied building at bokhara sagardighi asset 2 land situated at bokhara sagardighi
Once one of the most important educational establishments in the Muslim world, the sense of history here is palpable as I observe the students in their black suits and Bokhara caps.
Both Samarkand and Bokhara, are rich and full of historical references and after being subdued for long time emerging again to renew and revive their true and proper identity.
Within the manor is the award-winning Bokhara Brasserie specialising in Indian cuisine.
Washington, Victoria, Santa Rosa and Bokhara are varieties of which vegetable?
The Revillon trade in Bokhara is in Persian lamb, for which there is a great and growing demand.
He went to Afghanistan, and in 1926, toward the end of the winter, he left Herat on the first stage of his long homeward journey, going through Marv in Russian Turkestan, to Samarkand, Bokhara, and Tashkent, and thence across the Turkoman steppes to the Urals and Moscow.