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abbreviation for
(Automotive Engineering) Bolivia (international car registration)


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The RAECs would be exclusive to citizen emerging companies or local communities, Mr Kenamile revealed, and added that it was a deliberate BOL strategy towards the empowerment of the former.
Second, Independent Media's claim that BOL Enterprises had perpetrated a fraud on the USPTO was based on the former's claim that the latter had made statements that it had exclusive rights in the applied-for BOL mark, despite BOL Enterprise's knowledge of Independent Media's own prior rights.
Production of the BOL dispensers ordered for the ANG, according to Saab spokesman Per Hansson, will be split 5050 between Saab Avionics and BAE Systems (Austin, TX), with which the Swedish firm has had a cooperation agreement for the marketing and production of the system since the 1995 order of a second tranche of BOL dispensers for the US Navy.
Isai Tanaka, president of BOL Japan, said that Amazon's entry into the Japanese market was bound to boost the total number of online bookstore customers and that was good news for BOL too.
BOL won exclusive advertising rights with AOL and Compuserve throughout Europe with relative ease, perhaps because AOL- Compuserve Europe is an AOL/Bertelsmann 50/50 joint venture.
Eight complainants have alleged that BOL News did not pay salaries for six and a half months, a press release said.
To mark the launch BOL will offer two books, CDs and DVDs/videos a week at half price.
Karachi -- The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday ordered restoration of the license of news channel BOL TV.
com, the Nordic online bookstore, is merging with BOL (Bertelsmann Online).
When ComputerWire rang BOL to find out why the site was down, the by now jubilant delegates in Paris were unaware of the fault.
BOL and NuvoMedia have presented NuvoMedia's Rocket eBook secure electronic book distribution system to German publishers.