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n.1.A meteor or brilliant shooting star, followed by a train of light or sparks; esp. one which explodes.
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Generally speaking, the way the policy works is a financial institution sets up the contract with a company that specializes in BOLIs and then makes payments into a specialized fund set aside as the insurance trust, according to Investopedia.
Through the BOLI, all premiums paid into the fund, as well as all capital appreciation, are tax free for the financial institution.
A BOLI can create an immediate positive yield for credit unions, Sheeter said.
Employees at Autotruck who have at least 30 years of service, are 60 years old and have elected to retire at that age, are eligible to participate in BOLI, Reinle said.
Essentially, a BOLI is used to help cover benefit costs, he noted.
But Bolis decided to give it a try after observing recent American consumer trends toward low-fat and healthier foods.
Tuan said only the Aquino Administration gave this much importance to T Bolis (a tribe in South Cotabato) since the town was founded 40 years ago.
For ages, the T boli tribe people and settlers in the town of T boli in the province of South Cotabato had to walk for hours under the sun or through rains in the rocky and muddy mountain trails while carrying heavy loads down to the town market.
However, after 40 years since the establishment of the municipality of T Boli in 1974, the farmers of the town would finally benefit from a farm-to-market road that would connect their farms to the market, a significant change in life that raises their incomes and improves their mobility, as well as the members of their families.
The Department of Agriculture (DA), the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), and the T Boli municipal government oversee the construction of a 13-kilometer concrete road network that by the end of the year would be completed.
We are heartened by the enthusiasm of the local government of T boli in implementing this project because their active participation helped speed up the roll-out of the programs, Cafugauan said.
The sessions will be led by BOLI representatives as well as some of the states top employment attorneys.