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A city of north-central Italy at the foot of the Apennines north-northeast of Florence. It was originally an Etruscan town and became a Roman colony in the second century bc. Its famed university was founded as a law school in 1088.


 (bə-lō′nē, -nə, -nyə) also ba·lo·ney or bo·lo·ney (-nē)
A large sausage of finely ground pork or other meat, usually served as a cold cut.

[After Bologna.]
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(bəˈləʊnjə; Italian boˈloɲɲa)
(Placename) a city in N Italy, at the foot of the Apennines: became a free city in the Middle Ages; university (1088). Pop: 371 217 (2001). Ancient name: Bononia


(bəˈləʊnjə; Italian boˈloɲɲa)
(Biography) Giovanni da Bologna See Giambologna
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(bəˈloʊ ni, -nə, -ˈloʊn yə)

a cooked and smoked sausage made usu. of finely ground beef and pork.
[1555–65; after Bologna]


(bəˈloʊn yə)

a city in N Italy. 459,080.
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Noun1.Bologna - the capital of Emilia-Romagna; located in northern Italy to the east of the Apennines
Emilia-Romagna - a region of north central Italy on the Adriatic
2.bologna - large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
polony - another name for Bologna sausage
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[bəˈləʊnjə] NBolonia f
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, bologna sausage
n (Cook) → Mortadella f
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et aussi pour penetrer en voiture dans des villes telles que Londres, Milan, Bologne, Stockholm, GE[micro]teborg ou Oslo.
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Au niveau de la vie du parti, le Bureau politique a procede a une evaluation globale d'une serie d'activites partisanes realisees au cours de la derniere periode, s'agissant aussi bien des activites des organisations partisanes et paralleles a l'interieur du territoire national que de la rencontre de coordination de la Federation d'Europe du Parti, organisee a Bologne en Italie, au cours de la semaine derniere sous la supervision d'une delegation de la direction du parti, presidee par le Secretaire general.
With landmarks including the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Paris Saint-Germain's home stadium the Parc des Princes, the picturesque Bois de Bologne and an array of upmarket shops and restaurants, the area is popular with tourists.
After the two-country swing, the Filipinos will proceed to Bologne, Italy, to play in a pocket against China, Canada and the Italians.
Les travaux des sections paralleles, diriges par Gabriel Popescu (Universite de Craiova, Roumanie), Idriss Amid (Universite de Bologne, Italie), Cecilia Condei (Universite de Craiova, Roumanie), Leonie Monginou (Universite Paris VIII, France), Andreea Lupu (Universite << Spiru Haret >>, Roumanie) et Valeriu Marinescu (Universite << Spiru Haret >>, Roumanie) ont egalement fait preuve d'une grande ouverture theorique, se demarquant comme autant de prises de position pertinentes et originales sur le sujet debattu.