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also bol·she·vist  (bōl′shə-vĭst, bŏl′-)

Bol′she·vist, Bol′she·vis′tic adj.
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Noun1.Bolshevist - a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist partyBolshevist - a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party
commie, communist - a socialist who advocates communism
Adj.1.Bolshevist - of or relating to Bolshevism; "Bolshevik Revolution"
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A. ADJbolchevista
B. Nbolchevista mf
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The liberal government of Lloyd George was unnerved and the Secretary of State for Scotland condemned the 40-hour movement as a " Bolshevist uprising".
His mission in the battle against the Bolshevist flood-storm is valid for Europe and the entire civilised world.
(19) Examining "dissident streams within the Bolshevist tradition," Palmer remarks, helps us to recognize "a revolutionary left that both learned from the Soviet revolution and its leaders and remained alive to the need to cultivate creatively transformative social movements rooted in the realities of non-Russian conditions and societies." (20) Other historians have stressed that communist history should be studied from the bottom up, looking at both national and local initiatives of national CPS.
Let me say that I am not a Bolshevist or Communist, or Anarchist; that I have no sympathy for them; that further, I have no interest in them; that I have not now, and never had, any connection with them, or interest or belief or sympathy in them.
Grosz, for example, was dubbed 'Cultural Bolshevist Number One' and was taken to court on charges that 52 of his book's 100 images were pornographic.
good for, at least, a million Bolshevist recruits in this country."
Among this more educated, not easily ruffled northern people the Bolshevist propaganda did not reap many positive results." (13)
It seemed, for a moment, as though the country were staggering under the assault of the savage Bolshevist beast.
Matthaus (2004:263) argues, "instead of providing explicit orders for the rapid expansion of the killing process, the SS and police leadership in Berlin seems to have followed a course that can be described as controlled escalation." Heydrich, in particular, had a "fear of going too far too quickly." Indeed, on the eve of the invasion the Einsatzgruppen and Order Police received the (purposefully?) ambiguous Commissar Order: "This struggle demands ruthless and energetic measures against bolshevist agitators, guerrillas, saboteurs, Jews, and complete elimination of any active or passive resistance" (quoted in Browning 2004:222-223).
condemned mandatory public schooling as a Platonic and Bolshevist idea
Grinev "October 17-go: vooruzhennoe vosstanie mass, bol'shevistskii perevorot, sotsialisticheskaya revolyutsiya ili nechto drugoe?" [October 1917: Armed Mass Rebellion, Bolshevist Plot, Socialist Revolution, or Anything Other?], no.
Pioneers have the opportunity to enjoy various entertaining activities, since the Bolshevist Party and Stalin take care of it.