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Loaded by a manually operated bolt. Used of a firearm.
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(of a rifle) equipped with a manually operated sliding bolt.
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The Delta 5 is the first bolt action produced by uber black-rifle builder Daniel Defense and was formally introduced to a select group of gun writers last December at a secret location in Georgia.
Seekins Precision Havak Bravo Type: Bolt action Cartridge: 6mm Creed moor, 6.5 Creedmoor (tested), 6.5 PRC, .308 Win.
In 2000, when Shooting Times devoted an issue of the magazine to celebrate the close of the 20th century, then Rifles Editor Rick Jamison wrote an article entitled "The Bolt-Action Rifle of the Century." Within that article he gave the Blaser rifle a special mention, saying it was "the most innovative bolt action of the century." He cited the design's practicality, functionality, and aesthetics for why it was the runaway winner for most innovative bolt action of the 20th century.
Also new in the XPR bolt action line is the XPR HUNTER HIGHLANDER model that features the Kryptek Highlander camo pattern on the polymer stock.
No matter how smooth your action and how crisp the trigger, if your bolt action doesn't go "bang" when called upon, its worthless.
The solution to the problem of hitting moving targets, as well as multiple targets in fast succession with the scout rifle, is to abandon the bolt action and go to the modern semi-auto scout rifle, with its ability to easily hit targets beyond the capability of the bolt-action guns.
Bolt action rifles are common in the hunting world, and readily available.
Triggers on affordable rifles don't get any better than Mossberg's LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) trigger.
Armed with a mishmash of various single shots, needle, and bolt action rifles in a variety of cartridges, Russian commanders in the Russo-Turkish War still viewed the bayonet as the primary infantry weapon.
7 The newest edition to the Tuff Writer family of flashlights is the Bolt Action Mini.
Q I have a Stevens Model 416 .22 bolt action rifle with a stock that is completely ruined.
BOLTACTION: TANK WAR (9781472807373, $24.95) is for wargamers who subscribe to the Bolt Action scenario, and provides a new supplement and new opportunities to expand player games into the armoured warfare circle.