Bolt and nut

a metallic pin with a head formed upon one end, and a movable piece (the nut) screwed upon a thread cut upon the other end. See B, C, and D, in illust. above.

See also: Bolt

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Based on product type, the global wheel bolt and wheel nut market is further classified into bolt and nut. Bolt segment is further sub-segmented into budged hex conical bolt, budged hex spherical bolt, and other bolts.
It is hoped that the investigation will determine why the bolt and nut came off.
The bolt and nut is supposed to remain in a hole in the arm, which is used to extend or retract the starboard slat - a control surface along the leading edge of the wing to increase lift during take-off and landing.
He instructed his crew to remove the aft section for a cleaning and inspection of the bolt and nut plate assembly.
L min-170 (hakowa screw with nut traverse hanger bolt and nut traverses without zabezp.Antykoroz) pcs.
5 2410766109 MS HRH BSW BOLT AND NUT 5/16X1 1/2 IN 10 KGS
Tenders are invited for Supply of Items : bolt and nut for grse yard nos 2111 2112, M10X25 LONG AISI 304 BOLT, NUT & WASHER, M10X1.5X35LG(THD25)SS HEX BOLT C/W NUT, M12X1.75X40LG(THD30)SSHEX BOLT C/W NUT, M12X 65 LG HEX HD BOLT,NUT & LOCK NUT,SS etc.
Item C: Supply of Bolt and Nut Size: 25 x 160 mm to Drg.
Bolt and nut,ht,hex.head,half thread,m20x80mm - grade:10.9, make: unbrako/tvs only.
EDOT 1874(14) Square head fish bolt and nut as per T-11518 (15) Slide chair bolt with nut and washer half headed 65mm x 25mm (16) High speed flexible stencil for LC gate 6mm dia (17) Rail thermometer black bulb (18) Rail measurement equipment (19) High speed flexible stensil for LC gate 6mm (20) Rail measurement equipment T-402 ( details description please refer item wise)
Tenders are invited for Set Of High Tensile Precision Hexagonal Head Bolt And Nuts As Per Is:1367/2002 With 8.8 Grade.Punched Plain Washers Should Be Type A To Is:2016/67 And Flat End Spring Washer Should Be Type B To Is:3063.