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Noun1.Ludwig Boltzmann - Austrian physicist who contributed to the kinetic theory of gases (1844-1906)
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While LTE is established within the plasma, the population at different levels is governed by the Boltzmann distribution law.
While the intensity, depending on Boltzmann distribution if the plasma at local thermal equilibrium, can be described as [3]
The author has organized the main body of his text in seven chapters and six appendices devoted to energy and entropy, entropy and free energy, the evaporation of a liquid drop, gases and the basics of thermodynamics, mixtures and reactions, phases and temperature variations, heat dispersion and temperature, the Boltzmann distribution law, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
In this case, the atomic state distribution function is divided in two parts, as follows: the upper side that contains the high-energy levels n>n', which are easily thermalized, follow a Boltzmann distribution at the temperature [T.
The curve for voltage dependence of steady state inactivation was obtained by fitting the data to a Boltzmann distribution of the form, I/[I.