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 (bōl-zä′nō, -tsä′-)
A city of northeast Italy near the Austrian border. Originally part of the Austrian Tyrol, it passed to Italy by treaty in 1919.


(Italian bolˈtsano)
(Placename) a city in NE Italy, in Trentino-Alto Adige: belonged to Austria until 1919. Pop: 94 989 (2001). German name: Bozen


(boʊlˈzɑ noʊ, boʊltˈsɑ-)

a city in NE Italy. 101,230.
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Noun1.Bolzano - an Italian city in Trentino-Alto Adige near the Austrian border; noted as a resort and for its Alpine scenery
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
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Today, several local administrations have joined the project including Bolzano, Ferrara, Padua, Pesaro, Rome, Trieste, Venice and Milan.
BLAZE set themselves up for the final game of the tournament showdown with the hosts and competition favourites, Bolzano Foxes, thanks to a superb 6-4 win over the Hungarian Champions, Dunaujvaros on Saturday afternoon.
Police, hunters and fire crews spent hours trying to catch it in Bolzano, Italy, before shooting it in a car park.
The party from Denbighshire is busy making final preparations for their visit to Bolzano in the north east region of Italy next month.
Goldstein claims that Wittgenstein "lifted" central doctrines from Russell and from Bernard Bolzano.
It quickly bought the DeSPAR Distribution Centres located in Bolzano, Padova and Udine together with their sub-branches and their wide number of associate retailers.
Contract notice: Aov / ca 042/2015 cleaning service tunnels of the road network of the autonomous province of bolzano.
After setting out an epistemological account based on the 19th-century views of Bernard Bolzano and Ewald Hering, she presents a phenomenological account drawn from Edmund Husserl.
Blaze threw absolutely everything at Bolzano in the final period but despite tremendous periods of pressure couldn't find a way past the impressive Hakkinen and with Perras in equally outstanding form there was to be no further scoring in the match.
The gang, held in Rome and the cities of Udine and Bolzano in northern Italy, are believed to have made pounds 20million a year.
A DELEGATION from Denbighshire is busy making final preparations ahead of a visit to Bolzano in the north east of Italy next month, where they will share their experiences of running community-based arts programmes.
In the Wissenschaftslehre (1837) Bolzano laid down a logical foundation of mathematics and the theory of probability.