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 (bōl-zä′nō, -tsä′-)
A city of northeast Italy near the Austrian border. Originally part of the Austrian Tyrol, it passed to Italy by treaty in 1919.


(Italian bolˈtsano)
(Placename) a city in NE Italy, in Trentino-Alto Adige: belonged to Austria until 1919. Pop: 94 989 (2001). German name: Bozen


(boʊlˈzɑ noʊ, boʊltˈsɑ-)

a city in NE Italy. 101,230.
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Noun1.Bolzano - an Italian city in Trentino-Alto Adige near the Austrian border; noted as a resort and for its Alpine scenery
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
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Our hotel - the Laurin, in Bolzano - was an excellent base for our adventures, with a good restaurant and jazz nights and other entertainments in the bar.
Under the deal at the centre of the EU's probe, SEL would be responsible for distributing electricity to final consumers in the Bolzano region acquiring the necessary transmission lines and other assets from Enel S.
In the Wissenschaftslehre (1837) Bolzano laid down a logical foundation of mathematics and the theory of probability.
The Alcoa Italia operations include: two primary aluminum smelters at Portovesme and Fusina; a rolling mill at Fusina; four extrusion plants at Bolzano, Fossanova, Feltre and Iglesias; an extrusion die shop at Mori; six metal distributions centers in Italy; three administrative centers; and sales offices in Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Three-year supply of subcutaneous boston emblem defibrillators for the division of cardiology in bolzano and merano.
Blaze travel to Bolzano in Italy tomorrow and the Swedish defenceman will be on the aeroplane with his teammates.
He was buried in two metres of snow at Val Senales, near Bolzano.
Contrary to Bolzano, Lotze considers imagination only as a conditio sine qua non for a complete objectification of the subjective imagination.
The assets Alcoa is acquiring are: two primary aluminum smelters, at Portovesme and Fusina, with combined annual capacity of 170,000 metric tonnes per year (mtpy); also at Fusina, a rolling mill with capacity of 140,000 mtpy; four aluminum extrusion plants, at Bolzano, Fossanova, Feltre and Iglesias, with combined capacity of 70,000 mtpy; an extrusion die shop at Mori; a network of six metal distribution centers in Italy; three administrative centers; and sales offices in Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Contract award notice: Service for the disposal of biological waste - and residual waste containers in the municipality of bolzano (s-439/2017).
We are also very excited to know that there is going to be a large support group making the trip to Bolzano and we can't wait to put on a great show for all of you that are taking the time to come cheer us on
Contract award notice: Award of the management of children~s day-care center of the health sphere bolzano.