n.1.Cotton; padding.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Por otra parte, es necesario reconocer que una de las complicaciones que surgen al analizar cualquier tendencia a la disminucion de la respuesta incondicionada de un estimulo aversivo, como lo son generalmente los estimulos incondicionados, es que el EC que se asocia con este puede producir una respuesta emocional que potencia una amplia gama de conductas defensivas (Bombace, Brandon & Wagner, 1991; Brandon, Bombace, Falls & Wagner, 1991; Brandon & Wagner, 1991).
Brandon, S., Bombace, J., Falls, W., & Wagner, A.
Wagner, Brandon, y sus colegas (Brandon & Wagner, 1991; Brandon, Bombace, Falls & Wagner; 1991) realizaron una serie de experimentos para determinar cuales son las condiciones bajo las cuales los ECs se asocian con los 2 aspectos del EI.
With: Lambert Wilson, Sylvie Testud, Frederic Diefenthal, Michel Duchaussoy, Edouard Montoute, Tomer Gazit Sisley, Jean-Henri Compere, Jeremy Bombace, Valerie Lemaitre.
In sharp contrast, the species has become established in the Black Sea with significant damage to native benthos (e.g., bivalves; notably Ostrea edulis, Pecten ponticus, and Mytilus galloprovincialis [Zolotarev, 1996], and its subsequent invasion of the Aegean, Adriatic, and Mediterranean Seas has been well documented (Drapkin, 1963; Ghisotti, 1971, 1974; Mel, 1976; Terreni, 1980; Cucaz, 1983; Chukchin, 1984; Rinaldi, 1985; Marinov, 1990; Koutsoubas and Voultsiadou-Koukoura, 1990; Bombace et al., 1994; Zolotarev, 1996).
3) Provide refuge from excessive or damaging fishing: Introduction of solid high profile and complex-surfaced reef structures into an area can restrict the use of certain towed fishing gear in that area and promote a refuge function (Bombace, 1997).
Erasmus of Rotterdam was staying in Bologna with a member of the Bombace family, friends of Aldus's, in the early autumn of 1507.
Gabriele Bombace, who probably wrote this tragedy, explains in creative methodology in his description of the play's first performance.