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Noun1.Bombycidae - Chinese silkworm moth
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Lepidoptera, order Lepidoptera - moths and butterflies
bombycid, bombycid moth, silkworm moth - moderate-sized Asiatic moth whose larvae feed on mulberry leaves and produce silk
Bombyx, genus Bombyx - type genus of the Bombycidae: Chinese silkworm moth
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Silk is a natural fibre that is produced by silk worms such as Bombycidae, Saturnidae and Lasiocampidae (Nagaraju, 2008) and spiders (Humenik et al.
Reduction of kurstaki-HDl movements Papilionidae Papilio Bti Berliner Fairly rapid demoleus spore paralysis followed by alkalinity Gelechiidae Pectinophora Delta- Evidence of gut gossypella endotoxin paralysis gut endotoxin muscles surrounding the disorganized epithelium relaxed Bombycidae B.
In general, silk divided into 2 catagories: family Bombycidae (domestic or mulberry silk) and Saturniidae (wild or non-mulberry silk) [3].