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a.1.Gentle; courteous; complaisant; yielding.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is to mention that the previous government announced agriculture bailout package for farmers of Swat, Bonair and Malakand and write off loans of the farmers.
The tremor was felt in Peshawar, Swat, Abbottabad, Chitral, Malakand, Bonair, Shagla, Swabi, Lower Dir and their surrounding areas.
At least 613 polling stations of Peshawar, 285 of Charsada, Nowshera 47, Kohat 46, Karak 31, Hango 74, Bannu 118, Laki Marwat 91, Hari Pur 61, Abbotabad 130, Mansera 110, Batagram 16, Torgar 33, Dera Ismial Khan 207, Tank 156, Sawat 74, Shanga 23, Bonair 19, Lower-Dir 103, Upper-Dir 105, Malakand 61, Chitral 19, Mardan 170 and 286 polling stations of Sawabi are termed sensitive.
The Bonnar family was originally part of the French nobility, 'the name being originally "Bonair" meaning gentle and courteous'.
Many economic and cultural activities in coastal communities rely on marine resources such as seagrass meadows, therefore, in recent years our knowledge of the dynamics of seagrass resources in the Caribbean has improved (Alcolado, Alleng, Bonair, Bone, Buchan, & Bush, 2001; Creed, Phillips, & Tussenbroek, 2003; Harborne, Mumby, Micheli, Perry, Dahlgren, & Holmes, 2006; Wabnitz et al., 2008).
Having been heavily influenced by the poets Patricia Smith, Saul Williams, Reggie Gibson, Willie Perdomo and Roger Bonair Agard through Def Poetry Jam, I became enamored by Samantha's lyrical brilliance, her stunning command of imagery, and a disposition that spoke to her living her life's passion through the poetic experience.
Hatboro resident Ed Henry, who lives on Bonair Avenue and is slated to have a vapor intrusion conducted of his home, expressed frustration with the EPA's handling of the process to the Hatboro Borough Council this week.
It was taken at Sefton park School HERE are some of the staff and pupils of Banks Road Junior School, Garston on holiday at the Bonair Hotel in Paignton, Devon.
Chamberlain wrote in his dispatch: 'The Bonair people having taken a hostile part against us is extremely serious, and has altered our whole position and probably our plan of operations.' This was not an understatement.
NARCISSUS "TALL BONAIR" - This double daffodil grows to 35cm and has cream petals with a lemon centre.
(Walkers Bulbs, 01406 426 216,; Jacques Amand, 020 8420 7110,; Broadleigh Bulbs 01823 286 231,; Unwins, 028 8772 7500) NARCISSUS TALL BONAIR This impressive double daffodil grows to 35cm and has pale cream petals with a ruffled lemon-yellow centre, flowering in April.