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A ruined Mayan city in southeast Mexico near the Guatemalan border. Since 1946, archeologists have studied its ruins, which are noted for their well-preserved frescoes.
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As an example, one entry deals with the toxic power of sight: "Bonampak and Lascaux were painted over many centuries by our ancestors.
The Bonampak Murals that depict the presentation of a new heir to the throne, the hieroglyphics used to represent Mayan months and the different masks worn by the rain god Tlaloc in Mixteco, Zapoteco and Mexica styles can be found in the company's ties and scarves.
For example, the battle illustrated in the famous murals at Bonampak in Chiapas, Mexico, is accompanied by an August date in A.D.
21285 (MEXU); 5 km al S de Bonampak, rumbo a Pico de Oro, municipio Ocosingo, A.