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A follower or supporter of Napoleon I and his policies and dynastic claims or of the Bonaparte family.

Bo′na·part′ism n.
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(ˈboʊ nəˌpɑr tɪst)

1. an adherent of the Bonapartes or their policies.
2. of or pertaining to the Bonapartes or their policies.
Bo′na•part`ism, n.
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"Well, then, I should say, for instance," resumed Danglars, "that if after a voyage such as Dantes has just made, in which he touched at the Island of Elba, some one were to denounce him to the king's procureur as a Bonapartist agent" --
"The honorable, the king's attorney, is informed by a friend of the throne and religion, that one Edmond Dantes, mate of the ship Pharaon, arrived this morning from Smyrna, after having touched at Naples and Porto-Ferrajo, has been intrusted by Murat with a letter for the usurper, and by the usurper with a letter for the Bonapartist committee in Paris.
The aristocracy of the studio had for some days past resolved upon the fall of this queen, but no one had, as yet, ventured to openly avoid the Bonapartist. Mademoiselle Thirion's act was, therefore, a decisive stroke, intended by her to force the others into becoming, openly, the accomplices of her hatred.
It would be difficult to give an idea of the exaggerations prevalent at this epoch, and of the horror inspired by the Bonapartists. However insignificant and petty Amelie's action may now seem to be, it was at that time a very natural expression of the prevailing hatred.
all the soldiers who thus returned were either too old or too young; too aggressively Bonapartist, or too dissipated; in short, their several situations were out of keeping with the rank, fortune, and morals of Mademoiselle Cormon, who now grew daily more and more desperate.
"You will be called a Bonapartist! Please do not meddle in the matter, sir.
A Bonapartist regime, constituted within the Bolshevik Revolution and fostering the degeneration of that revolutionary accomplishment while continuing to speak in its name, eventually collapsed.
Every political party and tendency -- communist, conservative, socialist, royalist, liberal, Bonapartist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, fascist -- has been ready to use the street.
He has denounced the Charter of Democracy as a muk-muka (a dirty bargain) between the PPP and PML-N, although it marks an attempt to adopt a path different from that of 'the militaristic and regimented approach of Bonapartist regimes', a cause the PTI cannot possibly disown.
That effort was brought to an end by Napoleon's Bonapartist dictatorship.
In his book on the social and political thoughts of Nkrumah, Ama Biney outlines a number of epithets used to describe Nkrumah's tyranny, some of which include "the Leninist Czar," "the Bonapartist benefactor" and the "tyrannical megalomaniac" (Biney 2011: 5).
When Edmond Dantes, a young sailor about to be married, is wrongly imprisoned in 1815 as a Bonapartist traitor by his rivals, he miraculously escapes from his prison cell and acquires a vast hidden treasure on the island of Monte Cristo.